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The Treat Factory

Chocolates & Lollies

  • Grandma's Lollypop

    Grandma's Lollypop $3.00

    Good old Grandma makes the best lolly pops. Classically big and round and full of sweet flavour. You'll be grinning sugar from ear to ear.

  • Handmade Marshmallows

    Handmade Marshmallows $4.00

    This delicate Marshmallow is lovingly made at The Treat Factory. Soft, natural (no preservatives, artificial colours or flavour) squares of mouth watering marshmallow is coated in freshly roasted coconut. This product is...

  • Hazelnut & Cinnamon Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar

    Hazelnut & Cinnamon Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar $5.50

    Hazelnut & Cinnamon Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar. The smooth blend of hazelnuts, cinnamon and milk chocolate. The unique combination of spice and nuts compliment this delicate chocolate bar. Ingredients; sugar, hazelnut,...

  • Honey Macadamias

    Honey Macadamias $8.50

    Honey Macadamias Gorgeous Australian Macadamias lavished with caramelised honey. Always a winner, Honey Macadamias are too good to be true. Honey Macadamia Ingredients: Macadamia nuts, Sugar ,Honey

  • Honeycomb

    Honeycomb $5.00

    Golden crunchy honey comb. Everyone's favourite. Ingredients; sugar, wheaten glucose syrup, Mineral Salts(500) gelatine, corn flour.

  • Humbugs

    Humbugs $6.00

    Humbugs are an Aniseed flavoured hard lollies. Suck away at this old fashioned boiled sweet. Ingredients: sugar, glucose, flavourings & colours, (123,102,133,142,110,129), food acids (330)

  • Incaberries in Dark Chocolate

    Incaberries in Dark Chocolate $5.50

    This sweet yet tangy "protein enriched" super berry is far too delicious to be good for you. Incaberries in Dark Chocolate is the best flavour combination since "quince paste and cheese". The beautiful crisp tartness couples...

  • Jelly Bean Black

    Jelly Bean Black $3.00

    No need to scramble over the few Black Jelly Beans in each pack. Buy your own bag of all Black Jelly Beans. These chewy and juicy Black Jelly Beans boast a punchy aniseed flavour. Ingredients; wheat glucose, sugar, wheaten...

  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans $3.00

    The perfect sugar hit! Make sure you keep these out of sight. Fun, fruity, chewy and sweet, no one can resist these classic Jelly Beans. Ingredients; wheat glucose, cane sugar, wheat starch, water, colours ( 102, 110, 124,).

  • Jersey Caramels

    Jersey Caramels $4.00

    Layers of caramel and cream, Jersey Caramels are full of old fashioned goodness. INGREDIENTS: sugar, soft icing sugar, sweet condensed .milk, flour, vegetable oil, water, flavour, gelatine, salt, GMS(471), Some ingredients...

  • Lemon Sherbets

    Lemon Sherbets $7.00

    Lemon Sherbets are sweet, tangy and irresistible. Enjoy the hard lemon candy exterior while looking forward to the old school sherbet blast on the inside.

  • Licorice Allsorts $4.00

    Licorice Allsorts is the classic treat for licorice lovers. Licorice Allsorts consist of allsorts and twists of licorice. Ingredients; sugar, wheat flour, molasses, wheat glucose syrup, invert sugar, vegetable fat, coconut,...

  • Licorice Twists

    Licorice Twists $3.50

    A soft licorice stick with a gentle twist. Licorice twists have stood the test of time with licorice lovers. Ingredients: Wheat flour, Molasses, Glucose Syrup, (sulphites), Raw Sugar, Treacle, Water, Colour(Carmel...

  • Macadamia Brittle Handcrafted $4.50

    Lovingly handcrafted at The Treat Factory, Macadamia Brittle is an old school favourite. Australian Macadamias, drowning in a golden, crunchy slab of toffee. Ingredients: sugar, macadamia nuts 12%, wheat glucose, butter,...

  • Macadamia Cranberry Nougat handcrafted at The Treat Factory Berry

    Macadamia Cranberry Nougat $8.50

    Macadamia Cranberry Nougat handmade at The Treat Factory Berry. Australian made. All natural. No artificial colours or flavours.  120gms + Macadamia Cranberry Nougat Ingredients: sugar, macadamia, cranberry, honey,...

  • Macadamia Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar

    Macadamia Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar $5.50

    Macadamia Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar. The blend of Australian Macadamia Nut pieces and dark chocolate (53%) cocoa. The simple combination of the classic Macadamia nut and chocolate works a treat! Ingredients: cocoa mass,...

  • Macadamia Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar

    Macadamia Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar $5.50

    Macadamia Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar. A blend of Australian Macadamia Nut pieces and milk chocolate (35%) cocoa. Macadamia texture and flavour enhance the smooth creamy chocolate taste. Ingredients; milk chocolate, (...

  • Macadamias in Dark Chocolate

    Macadamias in Dark Chocolate $7.00

    Australian Macadamias roasted and enrobed in dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Macadamias rich nut flavour contrasts beautifully with dark chocolate. Ingredients; macadamia, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (soy...

  • Macadamias in Honey Chocolate

    Macadamias in Honey Chocolate $7.00

    A delicious blend of milk and white chocolate infused with honey surrounding a Macadamia Nut. Macadamias in Honey Chocolate is a definite treat for a sweet tooth. Ingredients; roasted macadamia nuts, sugar, cocoa butter,...

  • Macadamias in Milk Chocolate

    Macadamias in Milk Chocolate $7.00

    Aussie Macadamias roasted and enrobed in milk chocolate. The smooth creamy milk chocolate compliments the creaminess of the Macadamia. Ingredients; roasted macadamia nuts, sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, cocoa...