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The Treat Factory

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  • Balsamic and Pomegranate Dressing

    Balsamic & Pomegranate Dressing 2.5 litre $52.50

    Dark thick balsamic vinegar lashed with the sweetness of pomegranate. Maxwell's Treats Balsamic Pomegranate Dressing adds a burst of tart sweetness to salads, meats or seafood. Warning: This product is addictive...

  • Beetroot Chutney 1.5kg

    Beetroot Chutney 1.5kg $24.10

    A Treat Factory recipe dating back more the 60 years makes this chutney a firm favourite amongst the family. Maxwell's Treats Beetroot Chutney goes great on hamburgers, sausages, cheese and crackers and even the humble...

  • Blackberry Jam 1.5kg

    Blackberry Jam 1.5kg $24.10

    Dark sweet blackberries makes this jam a classic. Blackberry Jam served with cream and your favourite sponge, scone or tart is a instant hit. Ingredients: sugar, blackberry43%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Caramalised Balsamic 2.5 litre WS

    Caramelised Balsamic 2.5 litre $63.00

    Balsamic vinegar simmered slowly to create a decadently thick, rich and sweet Caramelised Balsamic dressing. Use Maxwell's Treats Caramelised Balsamic to dress your salads, or try as a meat or seafood glaze. Ingredients:...

  • Fig Jam 1.5kg

    Fig Jam 1.5kg $24.10

    Fig Jam is dense and complex and can be partnered with sweet and savoury foods. Fig Jam is delicious on crusty bread with cheese and prosciutto. Fabulous on scones, toast or pikelets. Ingredients: sugar, reconstituted fig...

  • Grandpa's Beer Chutney

    Grandpa's Beer Chutney 1.5kg $24.10

    A strong sweet beer based chutney. Grandpa's Beer Chutney is a Treat Factory speciality. A great condiment to serve at your next BBQ, brilliant with burgers, steaks and sausages. Ingredients, apple, beer(10%), balsamic...

  • Lemon Butter 1.5kg

    Lemon Butter 1.5kg $24.10

    A rich zesty lemony preserve. An old time favourite and best seller, Maxwell's Treats Lemon Butter is magnificent on scones, pancakes or simply on toast. Ingredients: wheat glucose, egg 14% lemon juice 10.5%, butter 6 %,...

  • Lime Aioli 1.5kg

    Lime Aioli 1.5kg $24.10

    A lime zest through a light Aioli. Try dipping fresh prawns into Maxwell's Treats Lime Aioli. Beautiful fresh partner to seafood, use as a dipping sauce or try on a sandwich or wrap. So tasty, you'll be hooked. Ingredients:...

  • Mango Butter 1.5kg

    Mango Butter 1.5kg $24.10

    Golden mangoes blended with the fresh butter and eggs makes this a divine conserve. Try Maxwell's Treats Mango Butter on scones, pancakes or simply toast. You will be back for more. Ingredients: sugar, wheat glucose, eggs...

  • Mango Chutney 1.5kg

    Mango Chutney 1.5kg $24.10

    Sweet Australian Mangoes stewed with rich spices. Maxwell's Treat Mango Chutney is perfect along side beef curries or marinade chicken and roast in the oven. Sweet, versatile and delicious. Ingredients: mango 34% ,apple,...

  • Mustard & Dill Aioli 1.5kg

    Mustard & Dill Aioli 1.5kg $24.10

    A Treat Factory Award Winning Aioli. This beauty has a mustard spice enhanced with subtle dill in a creamy Aioli. Try Maxwell's Treats Mustard and Dill Aioli as a dressing for smoked trout salad, potato and egg salad. Highly...

  • Passionfruit Butter 1.5kg

    Passionfruit Butter 1.5kg $24.10

    The fresh taste of passionfruit with the rich taste of butter and eggs gives this classic butter spread a tantalising twist. Maxwell's Treats Passionfruit Butter is great on scones, pancakes or that special sponge cake with...

  • Preserved Lemons 1.5kg

    Preserved Lemons 1.5kg $25.40

    Australian Lemons preserved in salt. Preserved Lemons simply was and dice skin finely and add to Moroccan tagines or curry dish. Ingredients: lemons, lemon juice, salt

  • Roast Garlic Aioli 1.5kg

    Roast Garlic Aioli 1.5kg $24.10

    Garlic is slow roasted until caramelised and blended through a light style egg Aioli. Maxwell's Treats Roast Garlic Aioli is an award winning product and top seller. Magic served with chips and roasted veges. Perfect with...

  • Spiced Baby Figs 1.5kg

    Spiced Baby Figs 1.5kg $26.40

    Sweet baby figs marinated with spices . A favourite with our cheese connoisseurs an essential for a quality cheese and fruit platter. Particularly magnificent with blue cheese. Maxwell's Treats Spiced Marinated Baby Figs...

  • Strawberry Jam 1.5kg

    Strawberry Jam 1.5kg $24.10

    The aroma of sweet strawberries simmering away when making Strawberry Jam gets everyone "oohing & arghhing" at The Treat Factory. Maxwell's Treats Strawberry jam served on scones with cream is impossible to resist...

  • Threeberry Jam 1.5kg

    Three berry Jam 1.5kg $24.10

    The sweet combination of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry makes Three Berry Jam the perfect trio of berries in a jar.  Ideal spread on toast, scones or used in cakes. Ingredients: sugar, strawberry 14%,...

  • Tomato Relish 1.5kg

    Tomato Relish 1.5kg $24.10

    Tomatoes simmered to gain a rich deep flavour and lightly spiced makes Maxwell's Treats Tomato Relish a timeless easy eating classic preserve. Enjoy on a sandwich, with rissoles, hamburgers, sausages and sandwiches...