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The Treat Factory

Mustard, Aioli & Tapenades

  • Chilli Mustard

    Chilli Mustard $5.00

    A strong flavoured mustard with the heat of added chilli. Chilli Mustard are for those who like their mustard with a kick. Particularly low in sodium, Maxwell's Treats Chilli Mustard is popular with customers who are on a...

  • Cocktail Dipping Sauce

    Cocktail Dipping Sauce $5.50

    Mayonnaise base with tomato, Worcestershire and a hint of spices. Seafood Cocktail Sauce. Simply dip fresh prawns, crab or on the side of fish and chips. Ingredients; canola oil (antioxidant 306),whole egg, vinegar, tomato,...

  • Gin & Lemon Mustard

    Gin & Lemon Mustard $6.00

    Lemon tang blended through a strong mustard with a good dash if Gin for festive fun. Lovely with your Christmas meats, hot or cold. Gin and Lemon Mustard has a low sodium ratio and is popular with customers on a low sodium...

  • Herb Mustard

    Herb Mustard $5.00

    Sage and Thyme flaked through a strong style mustard. Herb Mustard is a full flavoured mustard. Ingredients: canola oil, vinegar, mustard flour, sugar, garlic,

  • Honey Mustard

    Honey Mustard $5.00

    Golden honey and mustard combined create sweet smoothness and heat. Maxwell's Treats Honey Mustard is great with ham and chicken, brilliant on a sandwich. Try mixing a dollop of mustard through your pasta or potato salad to...

  • Horseradish Mustard

    Horseradish Mustard $5.00

    Award winning mustard. This beauty - two heats burn with a single flame, yet you can pick up the notes of both . Try it with good ham or whipped through cream served along silverside. Simply add a tablespoon to give mashed...

  • Lemon Mustard

    Lemon Mustard $5.00

    Lemon tang blended through a strong mustard. Lemon Mustard has a low sodium ratio and is popular with customers on a low sodium diet. Maxwell's Treat Lemon Mustard Ingredients: canola oil, vinegar, mustard 16%, lemon...

  • Lime Aioli

    Lime Aioli $5.50

    A lime zest through a light Aioli. Try dipping fresh prawns into Maxwell's Treats Lime Aioli. Beautiful fresh partner to seafood, use as a dipping sauce or try on a sandwich or wrap. So tasty, you'll be hooked. Ingredients:...

  • Mustard & Dill Aioli

    Mustard & Dill Aioli $5.50

    A Treat Factory Award Winning Aioli. This beauty has a mustard spice enhanced with subtle dill in a creamy Aioli. Try Maxwell's Treats Mustard and Dill Aioli as a dressing for smoked trout salad, potato and egg salad...

  • Olive Mustard

    Olive Mustard $5.00

    Blended black olives through a strong mustard. Maxwell's Treats Olive Mustard is great smeared over baked pork or chicken. Ingredients: canola oil, olives16%, mustard flour 15%, sugar, garlic, salt, pepper.

  • Olive Tapenade

    Olive Tapenade $5.50

    Black Olives blended with anchovies and spices. Try Maxwell's Treats Olive Tapenade with pre dinner canapĀ¶?s, cheese and dips. Simply stir through pasta or use as a base on pizza. Ingredients: olives, anchovies, canola oil,...

  • Red wine Mustard

    Red wine Mustard $5.00

    Steak Lovers perfect match Red wine Mustard. Strong smooth mustard, with a dash of red wine. Seriously smooth, rich and warm! Ingredients: canola oil, mustard 24%, red wine vinegar 29%, sugar, spice

  • Roast Garlic Aioli

    Roast Garlic Aioli $5.50

    Garlic is slow roasted until caramelised and blended through a light style egg Aioli. Maxwell's Treats Roast Garlic Aioli is an award winning product and top seller. Magic served with chips and roasted veges. Perfect with...

  • Roasted Capsicum Harrisa

    Roasted Capsicum Harrisa $5.50

    Char roasted capsicum, olive oil and chilli pepper makes a Tunisian style hot Harrisa paste. Roasted Capsicum Harrisa paste can be used in marinades and sauces adds depth to meats and vegetable dishes. Ingredients,...

  • Roasted Eggplant Harrisa

    Roasted Eggplant Harrisa $5.50

    Roasted Eggplant with hot red peppers makes this a tasty Harrisa paste. Roasted Eggplant Harrisa adds a depth and heat to meats and vegetables. Brilliant alongside Lamb. Try on a lamb burger, lamb wrap or alongside...

  • Smoked Chipotle Aioli

    Smoked Chipotle Aioli $5.50

    Smokey chipotle chillies infused in a creamy aioli. With a hint of chilli and vinegar and a rich smoked flavour this Maxwell's Treats aioli is a hit. An amazing accompaniment with sweet potato wedges, burgers or on the...

  • Maxwell's Treats Whisky Wholegrain Mustard
Made at The Treat Factory Berry.

    Whisky Wholegrain Mustard $6.00

    Wholegrain seeds of mustard blended through a smooth mustard paste with a good old fashioned splash of Whisky. Try Maxwell's Treats gourmet Christmas condiment Whisky Wholegrain Mustard with your hot and cold...

  • Wholegrain Mustard

    Wholegrain Mustard $5.00

    Wholegrain seeds of mustard blended through a smooth mustard paste. Try Wholegrain Mustard with meats and cheeses. Combine Maxwell's Treats Wholegrain Mustard with mayonnaise for the perfect base to your pasta or potato...