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The Treat Factory

Preserves & Condiments

  • Cocktail Dipping Sauce

    Cocktail Dipping Sauce $5.50

    Mayonnaise base with tomato, Worcestershire and a hint of spices. Seafood Cocktail Sauce. Simply dip fresh prawns, crab or on the side of fish and chips. Ingredients; canola oil (antioxidant 306),whole egg, vinegar, tomato,...

  • Cranberry and Orange Cognac Sauce. 200gms NET. Maxwell's Treats.

    Cranberry and Orange Cognac Sauce $5.50

    The sweet taste of cranberries with the added depth of orange cognac. Makes Cranberry and Orange Cognac Sauce a winner at the Christmas table. You will be definitely tempted to have this sauce all year with your chicken,...

  • Cranberry Sauce $5.50

    The delicate sweet tang of Cranberry Sauce is made to accompany your turkey, ham or pork at Christmas time. Maxwell's Treats Cranberry Sauce is decadently red and looks fabulous on every festive table. 200gms NET Cranberry...

  • Cucumber Pickle

    Cucumber Pickle $6.50

    Fresh cucumber pickled to produce a fresh taste relish. Maxwell's Treats Cucumber Pickle is great with a ploughman's lunch or cheese and ham sandwiches. Ingredients; cucumber, vinegar, onions, capsicum, sugar, celery,...

  • Cumquat Marmalade

    Cumquat Marmalade $5.50

    This classic Marmalade has a long standing tradition with the Maxwell family. Maxwell's Treats Cumquat Marmalade is made from home-grown cumquats at Grandma's House. The incredible tart flavour of the finely sliced cumquats...

  • Dad's Table Sauce

    Dad's Table Sauce $6.00

    A traditional style BBQ Sauce with sweet apples and dates with a touch of spice. Great accompaniment to BBQ's . Use a marinade or add to stews and gravies. Ingredient; water, sugar, vinegar, apple, date, potato starch,...

  • Date & Orange Chutney

    Date & Orange Chutney $6.50

    Traditional sweet dates simmered with oranges and spices. Date and Orange Chutney is a rich sweet chutney which goes well with spices foods such as Moroccan lambs, Indian beef and lamb curries. Simply serve with cheese and...

  • Fig & Chocolate Jam

    Fig & Chocolate Jam $6.50

    Sweet figs blended with quality rich dark chocolate. Enjoy Maxwell's Treats Fig and Chocolate Jam on scones, brioche, or serve with a nice blue chees on cheese platter. Ingredients: sugar, reconstituted fig 40%, cocoa 2%,...

  • Fig & Ginger Jam

    Fig & Ginger Jam $5.50

    Fig and Ginger is a husband and wife team. Sweet figs off set the heat of ginger in this divine combination in Fig and Ginger Jam. Ingredients: sugar, fig 35%, ginger 6%,citric acid, pectin.

  • Fig Jam

    Fig Jam $5.50

    Fig Jam is dense and complex and can be partnered with sweet and savoury foods. Fig Jam is delicious on crusty bread with cheese and prosciutto. Fabulous on scones, toast or pikelets. Ingredients: sugar, reconstituted fig...

  • Flamin' Hot Chilli Sauce

    Flamin' Hot Chilli Sauce $6.00

    The Treat Factory's award winning Maxwell's Treats Flamin' Hot Chilli Sauce. Extra red hot chillies simmered with tomato, ginger and spices produce a fiery, full flavoured thick sauce. ItÕs a winner for those who like...

  • Fruit Chutney

    Fruit Chutney $5.50

    A sweet mild chutney with simmered apples, currants and raisins. Maxwell's Treats Fruit Chutney is a traditional style chutney great with a ploughman's lunch. Ingredients: sugar, tomato 30%, apple 23%, vinegar, onions,...

  • Fruits in Green Ginger Wine

    Fruits in Green Ginger Wine $6.50

    Cinnamon spiced fruits simmered in wine . Maxwell's Treats Fruits in Green Ginger Wine make a great dessert with ice-cream. Ingredients: dried fruit, green ginger wine, sugar

  • Gin & Lemon Mustard

    Gin & Lemon Mustard $6.00

    Lemon tang blended through a strong mustard with a good dash if Gin for festive fun. Lovely with your Christmas meats, hot or cold. Gin and Lemon Mustard has a low sodium ratio and is popular with customers on a low sodium...

  • Ginger & Lemongrass Dressing

    Ginger & Lemongrass Dressing $6.50

    Light fresh and vibrant taste of Maxwell's Treats Ginger and Lemongrass makes this dressing essential in the kitchen. Great for Asian fusion, matches well with fish, chicken, prawns. Or simply add to steamed carrots to add a...

  • Ginger Chutney

    Ginger Chutney $6.50

    A chutney for Ginger lovers. Maxwell's Treats Ginger Chutney has zing and zang. Splash anywhere your ginger living heart desires. Ingredients, apple, vinegar, cucumber, sugar, lemon, ginger, raisins, salt.

  • Ginger Conserve

    Ginger Conserve $5.50

    A unique conserve for the ginger lover. Anyone who loves ginger will adore Maxwell's Treats Ginger Conserve. Big chunks of ginger simmered with sweet syrup to create a golden tangy jam. Ingredients: ginger, sugar, water,...

  • Gooseberry Jam

    Gooseberry Jam $5.50

    English gooseberries are simmered slowly is one of the quintessential aromas of summer cooking at the Treat Factory. Gooseberry Jam is an traditional old time English favourite. Ingredients: sugar, gooseberry 40%, citric...

  • Grandpa's Beer Chutney

    Grandpa's Beer Chutney $6.50

    A strong sweet beer based chutney. Grandpa's Beer Chutney is a Treat Factory speciality. A great condiment to serve at your next BBQ, brilliant with burgers, steaks and sausages. Ingredients, apple, beer(10%), balsamic...

  • Grape Jelly

    Grape Jelly $5.50

    Dark grape juice gives this jelly stand alone flavour. Maxwell's Treats Grape jelly is a versatile jelly which can be used for sweet as well as savoury. Take advantage of it's sweet taste in trifles and scones. Or enjoy it's...