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The Treat Factory

Preserves & Condiments

  • Lemon Myrtle Syrup

    Lemon Myrtle Syrup $6.50

    Australian lemon myrtle is simmered to a syrup consistency to develop an intense lemon flavour, in this unique product. Maxwell's Treats Lemon Myrtle Syrup can be used in hot tea, on ice for a cool long summer drink or in...

  • Lime & Chilli Relish

    Lime & Chilli Relish $5.50

    Juicy green limes and red hot chilli adds a sour punch to this unique relish. Lime and Chilli Relish traditionally used to accompany curries and Indian spicy dishes. Ingredients; limes, vinegar, capsicum, salt, chilli, spice.

  • Lime Aioli

    Lime Aioli $5.50

    A lime zest through a light Aioli. Try dipping fresh prawns into Maxwell's Treats Lime Aioli. Beautiful fresh partner to seafood, use as a dipping sauce or try on a sandwich or wrap. So tasty, you'll be hooked. Ingredients:...

  • Lime Aioli 1.5kg

    Lime Aioli 1.2kg $24.10

    A lime zest through a light Aioli. Try dipping fresh prawns into Maxwell's Treats Lime Aioli. Beautiful fresh partner to seafood, use as a dipping sauce or try on a sandwich or wrap. So tasty, you'll be hooked. Ingredients:...

  • Lime Marmalade

    Lime Marmalade $5.50

    Fresh juicy limes are sliced and simmered with sugar to create a tantalisingly tangy marmalade. Ingredients: sugar, lime 35%, pectin, citric acid, water added

  • Mango & Paw Paw Chutney

    Mango & Paw Paw Chutney $5.50

    Sweet taste of tropical fruits and spices . Maxwell's Treats Mango and Paw Paw Chutney adds a sweetness to spice hot dishes. A great accompaniment to curries. Ingredients: apple, sugar, mango 15%, vinegar, tomato, pawpaw 6%...

  • Mango Butter

    Mango Butter $5.50

    Golden mangoes blended with the fresh butter and eggs makes this a divine conserve. Try Maxwell's Treats Mango Butter on scones, pancakes or simply toast. You will be back for more. Ingredients: sugar, wheat glucose, eggs...

  • Mango Chutney

    Mango Chutney $5.50

    Sweet Australian Mangoes stewed with rich spices. Maxwell's Treat Mango Chutney is perfect along side beef curries or marinade chicken and roast in the oven. Sweet, versatile and delicious. Ingredients: mango 34% ,apple,...

  • Mango Jam

    Mango Jam $5.50

    Lush golden mangoes make this Mango Jam a pure tropical delight. Ingredients: sugar, mango 45%, pectin, citric acid.

  • Mango Sauce

    Mango Sauce $6.00

    Golden Mangoes simmered to make a thick sauce. Maxwell's Treats Mango Sauce has a true Mango flavour with a delicate hint of spice. It can be used on sweet or savoury dishes. Sweet with ice-cream, crepes and pancakes...

  • Marinated Baby Figs

    Marinated Baby Figs $9.50

    Marinated Baby Figs Sweet baby figs marinated with spices . A favourite with our cheese connoisseurs an essential for a quality cheese and fruit platter. Particularly magnificent with blue cheese. Maxwell's Treats Spiced...

  • Mint Wine Jelly

    Mint Wine Jelly $5.50

    Maxwell's Treats Mint Wine Jelly is the perfect match for roasted or bbq's lamb, boiled or baked carrots. Try dressing up a lamb sandwich or wrap with this sweet and minty jelly. Ingredients: sugar, apple juice, glucose,...

  • Mustard & Dill Aioli

    Mustard & Dill Aioli $5.50

    A Treat Factory Award Winning Aioli. This beauty has a mustard spice enhanced with subtle dill in a creamy Aioli. Try Maxwell's Treats Mustard and Dill Aioli as a dressing for smoked trout salad, potato and egg salad...

  • Mustard & Honey Dressings

    Mustard & Honey Dressings $6.50

    The tang of mustard smoothed with golden honey makes Maxwell's Treats Mustard and Honey Dressing a must for hotdogs, sausage sandwiches or great served with BBQ meats. Ingredients: EV Olive oil, canola oil, honey, vinegar,...

  • Mustard Pickles

    Mustard Pickles $5.50

    Popular amongst all generations, Maxwell's Treats Mustard Pickle is the perfect partner for cheese and crackers and Ploughman Lunch. It's easy to turn a boring sandwich into a tasty treat with these Mustard Pickles. Mustard...

  • Olive Mustard

    Olive Mustard $5.00

    Blended black olives through a strong mustard. Maxwell's Treats Olive Mustard is great smeared over baked pork or chicken. Ingredients: canola oil, olives16%, mustard flour 15%, sugar, garlic, salt, pepper.

  • Olive Tapenade

    Olive Tapenade $5.50

    Black Olives blended with anchovies and spices. Try Maxwell's Treats Olive Tapenade with pre dinner canapĀ¶?s, cheese and dips. Simply stir through pasta or use as a base on pizza. Ingredients: olives, anchovies, canola oil,...

  • Onion Marmalade

    Onion Marmalade $9.50

    Onions slowly simmered for a rich caramel taste. Maxwell's Treats Onion Marmalade, is one of The Treat Factory's best sellers. Full of flavour & versatile, add to sausages for a gourmet sandwich, serve on the side of any...

  • Orange & Ginger Jam

    Orange & Ginger Jam $5.50

    Fresh oranges shredded with pieces of ginger make Maxwell's Treats Orange & Ginger Marmalade a match made in heaven. Tangy, zingy & sweet, all in one. Great on toast or scones. Ingredients: Sugar, Seville orange 27%, ginger...

  • Orange & Ginger Marmalade

    Orange & Ginger Marmalade $5.50

    Sweet and tart with the zing of ginger. Try Maxwell's Treats Orange and Ginger Marmalade on toast, pikelets or scones. Ingredients: sugar, orange 27%, ginger 4%, pectin, citric acid.