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The Treat Factory

Preserves & Condiments

  • Plum sauce

    Plum sauce $6.00

    Satsuma rich plums and apples are simmered with spices and garlic. Plum Sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce. Add a touch of Asian flair to your chicken or pork dishes. Also an excellent sauce to baste and marinade or dollop in...

  • Port Wine Jelly

    Port Wine Jelly $5.50

    One of the Treat Factory's oldest recipes. Port Wine Jelly picture perfect, red, rich and versatile. Maxwell's Treats Port Wine Jelly has many sweet and savoury partners. Add dollops to trifle, serve alongside Christmas...

  • Preserved Lemons

    Preserved Lemons $9.50

    Australian Lemons preserved in salt. Preserved Lemons simply was and dice skin finely and add to Moroccan tagines or curry dish. Ingredients: lemons, lemon juice, salt

  • Preserved Lemons 1.2kg

    Preserved Lemons 1.2kg $25.40

    Australian Lemons preserved in salt. Preserved Lemons simply was and dice skin finely and add to Moroccan tagines or curry dish. Ingredients: lemons, lemon juice, salt

  • Prunes in Port

    Prunes in Port $7.50

    Prunes in Port Prunes spiced and slowly simmered in port wine. Maxwell's Treats Prunes In Port a sweet treat with ice-cream, yoghurt, puddings or cheese plates. Prunes in Port Ingredients; prunes, sugar, vinegar, honey,...

  • Quince Jam

    Quince Jam $5.50

    The ancient Quince fruit rich and fragrant makes an ideal Jam. Maxwell's Treats Quince Jam partners well with cheese and meats. Try on your next sandwich or with cheese and crackers. Also can be used as a glaze. Ingredients:...

  • Quince Jelly

    Quince Jelly $5.50

    The magnificent Quince Jelly. Sweet but savoury. A perfect condiment for those who enjoy the decadent side of life. You must try Maxwell's Treats Quince Jelly, here are a few suggestions: Quince Jelly on buttery croissants,...

  • Quince Paste

    Quince Paste $5.50

    Golden quinces simmered slowly to develop a rich dense fruit paste. Quince Paste is an old Maxwell's Treats classic, it is traditionally served with cheese and fruit platters. An outstanding match with a blue or goats cheese...

  • Raspberry Jam

    Raspberry Jam $6.00

    The smell of summer raspberries simmering at The Treat Factory gets everyone talking. It's hard to beat this sweet, tarty traditional Jam. Use Maxwell's Treats Raspberry Jam on sponges, slices, scones or toast. The best jam...

  • Raspberry Sauce

    Raspberry Sauce $6.00

    Made with succulent juicy raspberries, Maxwell's Treats Raspberry Sauce is thick, rich, red and full of seeds ( a great source of fibre). Raspberry Sauce is very versatile, enjoy over ice-cream or Greek yoghurt, drizzle of...

  • Raspberry Vinaigrette

    Raspberry Vinaigrette $6.50

    The simple, sweet soft taste of raspberries aged in wine vinegar. Maxwell's Treats Raspberry Vinegar is a great condiment to have around to use as a base for salad dressings. Can also be used a cordial with sparkling water...

  • Red Tomato Chutney

    Red Tomato Chutney $7.50

    Rich red tomatoes spices make for a traditional relish. Ingredients; tomato, sugar, vinegar, onions, ginger, garlic, chilli, salt.

  • Red wine Mustard

    Red wine Mustard $5.00

    Steak Lovers perfect match Red wine Mustard. Strong smooth mustard, with a dash of red wine. Seriously smooth, rich and warm! Ingredients: canola oil, mustard 24%, red wine vinegar 29%, sugar, spice

  • Redcurrant Jelly Maxwell's Treats
Christmas condiment

    Redcurrant Jelly $5.50

    Redcurrant Jelly is a tangy jelly traditionally served with roast lamb or venison. Add a dash to flavour casseroles. Maxwell's Treats Redcurrant jelly can be served with crusty bread, cold meats, and cheeses, particularly...

  • Rendang
Maxwell's Treats
The Treat Factory Berry

    Rendang $6.50

    Rendang is known as "The King of Curries. Maxwell's Treats Rendang is richly spiced medium slow cook curry sauce.  Cooking instructions: Brown beef in pan, add one jar of Rendang Simmer Sauce, slow cook until beef...

  • Rhubarb & Ginger Jam

    Rhubarb & Ginger Jam $5.50

    Red Summer tart rhubarb with the sweet sugar and the heat of ginger. Rhubarb and Ginger Jam the perfect combination. Ingredients: sugar, rhubarb 44%, ginger 2%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Rhubarb Jam

    Rhubarb Jam $5.50

    Red summer tart rhubarb with sugar to sweeten makes Rhubarb Jam a favourite for rhubarb lovers. Add to crumbles and slices or slather on scones and toast. Ingredients: sugar, rhubarb 44%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Rich Chocolate Pate

    Rich Chocolate Pate $5.50

    Rich dark chocolate and cream blended together to form a Rich Chocolate Pate. Simply warm your pate in the jar in a microwave for 30seconds and pour over desserts or dip fruit, nuts and marshmallows for a decadent fondue...

  • Roast Garlic Aioli

    Roast Garlic Aioli $5.50

    Garlic is slow roasted until caramelised and blended through a light style egg Aioli. Maxwell's Treats Roast Garlic Aioli is an award winning product and top seller. Magic served with chips and roasted veges. Perfect with...

  • Roasted Capsicum Harrisa

    Roasted Capsicum Harrisa $5.50

    Char roasted capsicum, olive oil and chilli pepper makes a Tunisian style hot Harrisa paste. Roasted Capsicum Harrisa paste can be used in marinades and sauces adds depth to meats and vegetable dishes. Ingredients,...