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The Treat Factory


  • Brandy Marmalade

    Brandy Marmalade $5.50

    Maxwell's Treats Brandy Marmalade is sweet, tart and a little naughty. Ingredients: sugar, Seville orange 27%, brandy 1.5%, pectin, citric acid, water added.

  • Cumquat Marmalade

    Cumquat Marmalade $5.50

    This classic Marmalade has a long standing tradition with the Maxwell family. Maxwell's Treats Cumquat Marmalade is made from home-grown cumquats at Grandma's House. The incredible tart flavour of the finely sliced cumquats...

  • Ginger Conserve

    Ginger Conserve $5.50

    A unique conserve for the ginger lover. Anyone who loves ginger will adore Maxwell's Treats Ginger Conserve. Big chunks of ginger simmered with sweet syrup to create a golden tangy jam. Ingredients: ginger, sugar, water,...

  • Grapefruit Marmalade

    Grapefruit Marmalade $5.50

    Hit me with tart! Grapefruit Marmalade is not for the faint hearted. If you like it bitter and tangy with just a hint of sweetness then this is the marmalade for you. Ingredients: sugar, grapefruit, pectin, citric acid

  • Lime Marmalade

    Lime Marmalade $5.50

    Fresh juicy limes are sliced and simmered with sugar to create a tantalisingly tangy marmalade. Ingredients: sugar, lime 35%, pectin, citric acid, water added

  • Orange & Ginger Marmalade

    Orange & Ginger Marmalade $5.50

    Sweet and tart with the zing of ginger. Try Maxwell's Treats Orange and Ginger Marmalade on toast, pikelets or scones. Ingredients: sugar, orange 27%, ginger 4%, pectin, citric acid.

  • Ruby Grapefruit and Orange Cognac Marmalade

    Ruby Grapefruit and Orange Cognac Marmalade $5.50

    Beautiful Ruby Grapefruit's balanced alongside Orange Cognac comes together to form a regal marmalade. Ruby Grapefruit Orange Cognac Marmalade Ingredients: sugar, ruby grapefruit, orange cognac, pectin, citric...

  • Seville Marmalade

    Seville Marmalade $5.50

    Made with Seville Oranges, Maxwell's Treats Seville Marmalade offers a distinct bitter tang in the sweetness of syrup. This chunky marmalade is for those who like a bite in their marmalade. Marmalades are versatile, use to...

  • Sweet Orange Marmalade

    Sweet Orange Marmalade $5.50

    With sweet and tart flavours Sweet Orange Marmalade is very versatile. Maxwell's Treats Sweet Orange Marmalade can be added to cake batters, slices and sauces. Deliciously tart chunky, this marmalade pairs perfectly with...

  • Whisky Marmalade

    Whisky Marmalade $5.50

    Maxwell's Treats Whisky Marmalade is sweet, tart and a little naughty. Ingredients: sugar, Seville orange 27%, whisky 1.5%,citric acid, pectin